Chess Life

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Audio is not provided for this piece because of the way it’s written.

There’s this thing we call life
That mimics the game of chess
Calculate your moves with proper foresight
Or play this game under intense stress

Lots of stress while undoing your mess
Just hope you can get back in the game
One wrong move and you’ll regress
Back to the spot from which you came

Life constantly puts us in check✅️✔️☑️
Think hard on the next move to make
Responding reckless could land you in debt 🏁🏳
And creditors yelling out “CHECKMATE”

People out here some straight up snakes 🐍🐍
Especially your “friends” that smile in your face😁
When they need you you’re so important 🥺🙏🏾
When they don’t you’re shoved out the way😒

Pay attention to their shady traits
Create some space before it’s too late
Learn how to calculate their next move
Or expect to be used and abused

Queens out here moving on the chess board
Be so picky about who they choose
But still spawn Pawns from the Kings to avoid😕😳
Realizing they made the wrong moves 🤦🏾‍♂️

Now they’re stuck and can’t become unglued
From the King who was really the court jester 🤡
I’m really trying not to be rude
But they should choose their Kings a little (lot) better

Some kings are bona-fide impostors
With multiple queens hidden down their roster
Cooking up lies like freshly made pasta
Failure to do your homework will surely cause ya

I’m sorry I meant to say cost ya
But incomplete homework is bound to cause a
Life of misery without a pause of
The fate that lies ahead, you made your own bed

The cRook is a powerful piece
Or should I say the Bishop that likes to preach 🗣
The “word” of gospel to delusional sheep🐑
Just my opinion from the game I’ve peeped👁👀

It’s ok to have a mind of your own
All gospel doesn’t come from the throne
It comes from drones steering the wheels of wrong
Jump out of that car it’s gonna crash on thin ice

With no Knight 🐴 to save you from strife
Moving like an L because you’re Losing at Life
Blindly following people who never thought twice
About your best interests, only theirs how nice🤫

As I said life is a chess game
You only get to play once so don’t f**k up mane
If you do just look forward to the pain
Or the rain with no umbrella to make it better

© 2021

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