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About Me

My name is Marcellus. I was born September 8th 1980 in Memphis Tennessee. I’m single with no children. I’m currently retired from the U.S. Army after a little over 20 years of active duty. I’m a homebody that doesn’t get out much unless I have a reason to. I hope to get out a little more now that I’m retired. I’m also introverted but far from shy. I usually don’t speak unless spoken to but I have no problem opening up by way of joking, laughing, and holding a conversation. I’m just not usually the one that initiates conversation. My hobbies include thinking, writing (obviously lol), exercise, mental stimulation via online chess and online gaming. I do plan to travel more once I properly settle into this new retired life.

Purpose For This Blog

I started my blog primarily to promote some positive change in society through my writings by way of provoking thought. I don’t consider my writings as poetry, I consider them as creative writing. Anyone can feel free to deem them as poetry if they choose but I don’t. My goal for the pieces I write are mostly to provide perspective on relatable topics for readers to read and share thoughts/experiences on. I hope everyone can get something positive from my work. Sharing and gaining perspective is something I’m passionate about. I want to provide a space for like minded people who are open to respectfully sharing and gaining different perspectives on different topics of discussion. A different perspective from the majority of society and a perspective other than their own. I chose to express this through my writings primarily. As of now I plan to upload a minimum of two new pieces per month. Currently (March 22nd 2022) I have 63 total. As I continue to write I’ll upload at a higher frequency once the amount of material I create increases to four per month.

I believe one key thing lacking in today’s society is most people are only open to their way of thinking and don’t care to consider or even listen to a different way of thinking. I also believe people are too quick to just go along with what the masses do without taking second to think about what it is they’re doing. That being said, there will be some controversial topics written about and I hope they can be discussed void of any insults, disrespect, or immaturity. This is the reality of the world we live in and I believe these types of conversations are needed for us to get better as a society. As long as we can all be respectful about our opposing views and understand (not agree with) a different point of view I believe we’ll be able to better co-exist with one another.

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