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**Audio is not provided for this piece because of the way it’s written.**

This piece is dedicated
To those quick to spew that line
Fixing their mouths to be medicated
Telling blacks to stop committing crimes

I’ll give you a scenario
It may seem scary though
But it will clear your clouded vision
Of how my people could end up in prison

Take this 11 year old little boy
Whose childhood was stripped the feelings of joy
He saw his brother in the street dead
The image can’t seem to escape his head

A week later he’s sitting in class
Acting out (a cry for help), teacher on his ass
Without asking what’s wrong……how sad
Now (he feels like) the world wants him in the trash

His mother works two jobs
His father “plays in the yard”
Raise him right who’s gonna do it🤔🤔
To save his life from being ruined

He seeks love, guidance, and influence
Some common ground, maybe congruence
Can’t focus at school, he later turns truant
Then drops out, he’s had enough so screw it

The school teachings……he never knew it
In the language of street he thinks he’s fluent
Now he dabbles in pharmaceuticals
A smoldering fire doused with lighter fluid

A 16 year old young man that’s still growing
What lies ahead, no way of knowing
He only knows his metabolism’s still going
But now he’s stuck, he has money left owing

Money owed to the medicine supplier 🔌🔌
Bcuz he was robbed by another drug buyer
Their situation was just as dire
A pressure cooker with never ending fire

He worries about consequences, that’s no fun
So he starts showing off the barrel of HIS gun
To you, your brother and your son
As Layrn Hill said “you just lost one”

Another mother who just lost a son
She’ll suffer bcuz of that ticking time bomb
Another brother living life on the run
Feeling smothered by the things he’s done

Now he’s even more on edge
Fearing retaliation, his plug, the feds
Living a life that he now dreads
All due to the image that wouldn’t leave his head

Tell me this, how would you react
If your two choices were to starve or sell crack
Would you lay there to die on your ass
Or do what’s needed to fill grocery bags

This is the way many of us feel
A jungle out there, kill or be killed
Conditions set forth by “Sam”
Uncle can fix this but does he have the will??

The last 50+ years says he doesn’t 

© 2021

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