Peace By Piece

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I present to you this thesis on my life and how it’s in pieces. Pieces that need to be peaced together……… I better get moving. Peace forever in my life is what I’m pursuing. Peace by piece, yeah that has a nice ring to it. I’m more than ready to do it… it’s time to prove it.

The first piece towards my peace was such a huge relief. My release from prison B.K.A the army, it was quite a feat. If my cleats fit your feet you’ll understand why I’m so geeked. You’ll know precisely why I’m dancing in the street. Electric sliding to the beat at the cookout ready to eat, where’s the beef🍔

Sewing myself to like minded people is so crucial I grabbed my needle. I now have eyes like an eagle………for people not on my cerebral🧠. I have to ❌️❌️❌️ them out with no doubts, and no sequels. To make more room for the ones who are mentally my equal.

Piecing together my health is peaceful in itself. Physically and mentally, unequivocally this is on the top shelf. High priority numero uno, it’s a must that I do so.
–     My mental health is better these days. I’ve made some adjustments to my ways. My ways of thinking, my ways of eating. Not food but the attitudes I’m seeking. No longer do I eat the bad treatment from others. I just quietly fall back from the inevitable trouble.
–     My physical health could use some help but I do the best I can. I could stand to lose a few inches from my stubborn waist band. Maybe it’s my exercise plan, I workout but is it enough? My diet is another story that is where it gets rough.
–     My medical health is what it is. I’ll let the doctors tell me how to proceed with the need to uphold this deal. I can only manage what I can control so I’ll continue to do just that.

Another piece towards my peace is to increase my finances. Money doesn’t guarantee happiness but it does improve the chances. Stressing on whether rent will get paid is living life in the wrong way. If I can’t afford to buy food will I ever reach a good mood? I refuse to sing that blues so I’m clued into money rules. How else will I travel the world peacing my life to control the cruise.

Once all these pieces merge together my peace will be the perfect weather. Maintaining this for the better, whether or not the weather gets wetter. Storm clouds will sound and my peace will serve as shelter. The thunder may be loud but my pieces allow me to settle (down).

May peace be unto all and to all find your pieces. The sooner you do this you can write your own thesis. Whatever pieces you discover just be able to withstand the struggle. It’s hard piecing them as one but when you do your troubles will suffer.

© 2021

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