Fear Factors

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Some things in life are reveared and other things should be feared….

I’m afraid

I’m afraid of being homeless. The thought of eating from the garbage was never appealing. It’s quite revealing to see people living on the street with no ceiling to stop the rain. This motivated me to act long before that time could’ve ever came.

Peep this game….

I’m afraid of living under someone else’s roof. If you need proof just look at all these roommates. They don’t fear sharing living space with people they could potentially hate. Day after day their disdain grows from being up under each other’s nose. But this is the life they chose because they weren’t afraid of these conditions. Their premonition of this predicament never crossed their minds, how sickening.

Listen in…πŸ‘‚πŸΎ

I’m afraid of financial aid from my peers. Cheers to me for never needing this method of feeding. To have the contents in my bowl under someone else’s control….hell to the no I don’t think so🚫❌️. I refuse to give others that power. So I ensure I have a stash put away for the rain showers. Nowadays I’m also afraid of being the lender. After I loan the money borrowers morph into sprinters. Too many summers have turned into winters with no money back from lotto winners. My money was their ticket and now they’ve mysteriously gone missing, come out crickets.πŸ¦—πŸ¦—

I’ll further exhibit

I’m afraid of living paycheck to paycheck. All it takes is for my car to break and now I gotta find a way to work everyday. Hitch a ride here hitch a ride there is an inconvenience that I don’t want to bear… on anyone else. I handle that myself with no help and no regrets.

Better yet

I’m afraid of working a 9-5 for as long as I’m alive. I kick myself for not realizing sooner this lie we were force fed. Go to school, get a job and work hard until we’re dead. Or until we reach retirement age but by then it’s harder to enjoy our last days. Allergies to wealth prevalence is bad for my development. I want to develop and ascend to a life of vacay-shins. Warm beaches and slow winds with no end and mo endz….. comprehend? Employees scoff at the notion of being boss. So they continue to work hard until they get laid off. Making other people rich instead of building their own shit, I’m just not with itπŸ™…πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ


I need to be more afraid of what’s next. I’m working on it as I’m a work in progress. So I’ll confess

I gotta be more afraid…..

I gotta be more afraid of people who aren’t mentally my equal. Deem it illegal for their mindset to creep into my cerebrum. Brain cancer infiltration is a detriment to my situation. I don’t want to endure chemo radiation for cerebral restoration.

Education πŸ“˜πŸ«

I gotta be more afraid of those whose heads are closed. Their perspective is law and the only one that they know. My growth would be slowed if I didn’t consider different ideas. This is what makes me grown enough filter who’s real. Who’s real enough to say “I’m wrong” and not be right. Who’s real enough to take accountability….on site. Who’s mature enough to say “damn I fucked up.” Who can surmise the simple thought of sayingΒ  “I apologize.” Only the wise….

I tell no lies

I gotta be more afraid of “friends” that don’t have the same core values as me. They never hit me back because they’re always “busy.” But all over Facebook active on status. Posting selfies with the caption “look at us.” But when they need me they have all this free time. I’ll then familiarize them with a button….rewind. Rewind to all those crimes where they blew me off their mind. Saw my missed calls, texts and just rolled their eyes. Cool that’s their right and I’m gonna start exercising mine. When they need me I’ll be like “well…..would you look at the timeΒ πŸ•–πŸ••πŸ•‘πŸ•š


Look at the time when you told me you “forgot” to console me. After I said I needed to talk but you developed cold feet. Woe is me, in my cold house and I’m afraid of you now, so stay tf out!!

Β© 2021

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