Wishful Fear Factors

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It’s my observation that people aren’t afraid enough these days. Fear of consequence just doesn’t exist.

I made a list

I wish we would be more afraid

I wish crooks would be more afraid to lie, cheat, and steal. How can you look at yourself in the mirror knowing you’re not real? How does it feel? Are you proud to be a fake, slithering in the grass while you smile in my face. Hey…….how about this. What if your child encountered a reptile. One with venom like yours. Scores of potent neurotoxins that cut off their oxygen. Would you be smiling then? It’s not so funny when…….other snakes bite your own kin. Let that sink in

I don’t pretend

I wish people would be more afraid of being single parents. Apparently having kids without wedding bells doesn’t register on the richter scale. Red tremors 🚩🚩don’t resonate until they become full fledged earthquakes. By then it’s too late. The home is destroyed and the real work begins. To try and fill the void before a quake strikes again. I don’t understand why people are so afraid of marriage but sprint for the baby carriage. Both life long commitments, but allow me to present this. Marriage isn’t always life long as divorce these days are strong. A child is forever connected so why is this concept so neglected?

I don’t get it

I wish the needy were more afraid of being greedy. For some reason the needy need more money even though they don’t need it. So much so they’ll cross genuine people just to receive it. Believe it when I say money makes morals evaporate. A fool and his money are soon parted. But a fool with more money leads to human decency discarded. A dog eat dog world and I’m sick of all this barking.

I’m just getting started

I wish people would be more afraid of over entitlement. It’s trifling when they say “I deserve the fire” without even lighting it. Participation trophies encourage the wrong type of excitement. Nobody wants to work for anything but still want the perks that hardwork brings. They don’t qualify for the fruit but still want the Juice. ” 🗣🗣AYO Q……..” listen up dude, yeah I’m talking to you. Don’t act like I’m not down here saying what you need to hear. I’m saying you don’t deserve shit if you didn’t work for it. You’re entitled to what you can earn and that’s all you get.

Feel this

I wish people would be more afraid of impatience. The notion of “I need it now” has only landed us in a snake pit. Let’s face it trees don’t grow overnight. It takes years of water, sun light and sacrifice. In our current state most want a tree yesterday but the cost they refuse to pay. Instead of slow cooking the plate they’d rather microwave. And wonder why they’re taking unhealthy ways to their grave.

I’m not amazed

I wish society would be more afraid of offense. This society is so soft. Can’t even breathe the wrong way without somebody going off. “He was blinking too loud so I complained to his boss.” I just shake my head, for words I’m at a loss. We can’t even offer input to provoke reflective thoughts. There’s no movement for self improvement so it’s never sought. Everybody is so perfect and constructive criticism is lost. To this I can attest, let’s refresh the GPS.

And undo this mess

I wish people would be more afraid of social media clout. Is that all they’re about? “How many likes did I get on this pic, why didn’t you heart it?!” A like isn’t even considered validation….wow. People need hearts and laughs for vindication now. “You didn’t heart my pic so get tf out!!” Why don’t you go elsewhere, be productive and hop off of that cloud. This shit is too loud now in today’s crowd.

Sitchoass down💺🪑🚽

I wish people would be more afraid of influence by social media. Depression is a real thing all stemming from everyone’s daily postings. Posting money and material blessings…..but what they’re not confessing is quite depressing. Not seen in the photo is how that car met the repo…man that’s cold but who needs to know? Not seen underneath that grin is a person who can’t win. Not many will also post their L’s permeating a false sense of smell. A double edged sword that’s severing two cords. One cord is hiding their sorrow. The other cord only sees what’s borrowed and in turn loses hope for tomorrow.

In conclusion fear factors are real, I just wished more people abided by them so our society can heal🙏🏾🙏🏾.

© 2021

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