That One Time

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If you tell a person yes 100 times, they get amnesia about how you were so kind. But the moment you tell them no they get their memory back and lose their mind…….

Why even say yes if all we’re gonna get is hostility in our vicinity. For saying no with good reason and sympathy, are you kidding me? People these days are so ungrateful when they receive good deeds. God forbid if you ask for money as they’re entitled and deserve it for free.

Did you forget about that time you needed a ride, I drove you across town? You didn’t even offer any gas money but I still delivered you with no frowns. When you needed bodies to help you move, I came through with hands of glue. I didn’t drop the ball on your foot at all because that’s just what I do.

What about those days you needed someone to talk to, someone to walk through those tough times with you. I was with you side by side despite the feelings I chose to hide. Stride for stride I was right there, running with you because I care.

Now in the moment I look out for myself you want to say that it’s not fair. All of a sudden I’m a bad person, I “pushed your buttons” and now you’re cursin. Nah you’re just thristin over the fact that I didn’t have your back. Failing to consider my back is out of wack from those times I “stepped on a crack.” I stepped on plenty of cracks for you….out of the blue leaving me battered and bruised. I can’t afford to keep doing this so you have to figure out your next move.

Let’s all remember to read the entire book before we hand out our dirty looks. One sentence or one paragraph doesn’t define our code of ethics. All sentences should be dissected, each subject and each predicate. You may not like that one sentence but it shouldn’t be a death sentence. If it is how many people want you killed, think about it I’m just being real.

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