The Dangerous Woman

View this video for insight on why I wrote this particular piece.

**Audio is not provided for this piece because of the way it’s written.**

I know you, done seen you in action🎥🎞🎬
Hard to read, I’m blind, you’re un-captioned
You use people, wet their roads, they lose traction
They crash and burn but you don’t even care to ask them

Are they ok after how you sneak attacked them
Instead you drive away from the scene
Never to be heard from while they cry and scream😭😱
Just heartless no feeling(s) veins full of morphine

You betrayed people that were there for you
Back stabbed them after they only cared for you
You play victim so one thing you’re scared to do
Admit guilt something you’re ill prepared to do

You told him you were carrying his child🤰🏾
He’s so happy, couldn’t contain his smile😃
Later he finds out the truth, that you’re so vile😟
Your ethics and morals “tap tap” now on trial👩🏾‍⚖️

But you refuse to appear in court
The sensei of deny, deflect, and ignore
When he thought it could get worse no more
You go after him for child support

Your toxicity is a lethal weapon🔪🏹🔫💣
Danny Glover wouldn’t even take exception
To the notion on hearts you steppin
You don’t buy dreams, you proudly sell’em

We no longer need to see you on screen🎞🎥
Just CUT 🎬 you off until you red bleed
The knife hits and you drop to your knees
Out comes the blood of all your cruel deeds🩸🩸

© 2021

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