Not My Daughter

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**Audio is not provided for this piece because of the way it’s written.**

How many of you men out there
Are out here hurting women
Pain is cool for them to bear
Your daughter though and it’s “that’s not fair”

You try to protect her from all these fools
You try to protect her from men like you
Wanna shoot a guy for hurting her
So are you gonna shoot yourself too

Bcuz you hurt other people’s daughters
Use them up until their eyes water
Please tell me how that’s ok
Lil kid shit yall need to go play

And leave these grown women alone
They’re getting tired of your camouflage and cologne
Accompanying the mask that you put on
Remember your daughter will hear the same song

Maybe your sister or mother will moan
Due to a guy that treated them wrong
Don’t be mad it’s part of this cruel game
That you play with other women what a shame

And don’t say “well she lets me do it”
Don’t insult my intelligence, I’m far from stupid
Bcuz you lie and give broken promisus (promises)
To keep her around as you spew your vomitus

But don’t worry, what goes around will return
In the form of your loved one being burned
Saying “dad why do men lie so firm”
And you’ll just sit there with a look of concern

But deep down inside you squint and squirm
The deeds you’ve done or still doing have returned
Slapped you in the face, yup something you earned
Before that happens you need to live and learn

Learn how to appeciate the good women
Teach your sons to carry that tradition
For the benefit of your future grand “chillen”
Please eat up this vomitus I’m spittin

© 2021

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