Wants Vs Needs

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We all need things in our lives, but for those things to thrive we have to want them. Our needs come as a default setting, our wants require further vetting. We must analyze if these things are really wanted, are we undaunted by running through the gauntlet? Of attaining what it is that we want, if so have you started the launch?

You say you want to live a better life. Financially free to grab a piece of the money slice. But do you WANT to do what it takes, is not having the life you want worth the wait? If you want to eat you would’ve already had a plate. But you’re stuck in place hoping for a steak………to fall in your lap so in place is where you’ll stay. Because you’re not willing to sacrifice your time, your money or your faith….all because you want to attain that life the easy way.

Do you need to lose weight or do you want to lose weight? If you want to lose weight then drop the cupcake. Put it down and eat some grapes in its place. A simple game that most don’t WANT to play. Do you need to lose weight or you want to lose weight? If you want to lose weight then pick up some weights. Do this consistently over a period of time and combine that with those grapes you ate. Now that you know the play do you want to cooperate? If not just stay on the bench. You don’t have what it takes to play this game because your aim is pointed in the wrong direction. You won’t take a look at your reflection so you don’t relate the look of correction.

A lot of people want a relationship but do they really WANT a relationship? Are they willing to put in the work needed to, I don’t know..create the gift? Will they put their pride to the side and incentivize the right one to claim their prize? Some people don’t WANT to change but their expectations remain the same. And have the nerve to be upset when……the rain keeps raining on their pain. They’re the illustration of insane but still refuse to claim any blame.

We really need to win this game. If not the dream is flushed down the drain. We practiced hard, we studied film……..but something was revealed after we took the field. The other team wasn’t as skilled but they wanted it more than us and went for the kill. We needed our dreams but they wanted theirs.  They’ll have sweet dreams, we’ll have nightmares.

Human nature says we do what we want to do. Believe what’s prioritized because nature never lies. If it don’t get done chances are it’s minimized. In other words it wasn’t a big deal, you “needed” it so bad you didn’t move fast. You needed it so bad you wanted to do it last.

Our wants will always supersede our needs. If you conceive it then you can achieve it but if you only need it then just concede it. Just leave it since you didn’t WANT to believe it and stick to your need list. Do yourself a favor though…….

please heed this.

© 2021

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