Expectations Of Men

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**Audio is not provided for this piece because of the way it’s written.**

I want to raise the awareness
Of how men are expected to behave
I will say though that in all fairness
Women too have expectations engraved

But this here is about the brave
The brave men who dare to be great
Performing consistently on the dating stage
But never given the chance to take a break

You seem confused so I’ll illustrate
About how men never get any rest
While women just sit back and wait
On a man to approach with zest

He pursues, courts, and writes checks
To pay for the dates and flowers she’ll enjoy
Smiling and laughing to hide the stress
Of not knowing if he’ll even be her choice

Now his forehead is getting a little moist
From the work of proving his desire for her
He needs water and is losing his voice
She’s well rested and speaks without a slur

But alas he’s won in what seemed like a blur
He thinks he can rest now, failing to realize
Then it hit him, in the moment of the spur
He must keep working to maintain his “prize”

He shakes his head in disbelief, he’s “tied” (tired)
Has to find more energy to stay in the race
If he lets up at any point during this ride
She’ll get another man to take his place

But he has enough food already on his plate
His children need him to consistently provide
She cooks MORE food right there in his face
Because her kids need a father to arise

He’s had enough of wearing this disguise
He carries the weight of twin towers
He tries to convey this but to his surprise
She acts deaf, so he says it louder

Still nothing, so he exercises his powers
To no longer stay in this fight
Yet she’s still expecting her flowers
But he’s waved the flag, the color is white

To HER surprise she’s lost her knight
Because she refused to see his pain
She turns bitter no longer so nice
Looking at him with great disdain

She’s now umbrellaless in a torrential rain
And can’t understand why, now that’s a shame
Selfishness was the name of her game
But too blind to see it so he gets blamed

Two lives took a turn for the worse
He’ll be scarred and may dish out some hurt
At another woman to quench his thirst
Of not repeating past mistakes in reverse

© 2021

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