Mental Wealth

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What is success? What qualities does it possess? Most would say money
Others say health
What about mental wealth, have you heard of he?
I have and happiness is my currency.

Happiness is my definition of success. I’ll bring up two points of reference.

A man living in a mansion. With so much money he just can’t stand it. So much so he wishes he never grabbed it. Depression starts to set in and he can’t escape the whirlwind. He’s miserable, that’s despicable because he should be happy right? How dare he be depressed when he’s so blessed. You’d gladly trade places with him is what you profess. How can you say that when you’re not walking in his mess? I’m not rich (yet) but I have a good guess on the conditions of his stress.

This man is probably overloaded. Emboldened to share his resources with people who didn’t mold them. Palm prints all over his garments. They weren’t with him shooting in the gym but still want to start shit. And wanna star(t) in the game that he’s worked so hard in. He’s a target for gold diggers and long lost family members. A target for shady business deals and the thrills of promising investments.

Another thing is the maintenance. Maintaining a life you’ve grown accustomed to can be draining. Ask any prize fighter. Winning the belt is easy. Keeping it gets a little greasy. Harder to hold on to each and every day. No one wants all of their hardwork to slip away.

More money more problems…..well not quite. The more people that know about it brings about the strife. That would make me nervous. Which is why if I ever become rich I’m living under a rock to never resurface. Everytime you resurface you risk your life, this is vital. You’re immediately back in the scope of a sniper’s rifle. One shot one kill smh goodness gracious. Are you sure you want to switch places? I’m here to debate it🤔.

The next point of reference is a man living in decadence. But he’s not stressing it because he sets his own precedent. He could be living in a shack, on the street, or in the woods. But he’s happy about it so it’s all good.

His food may not be the best but his mood is blessed. His home may not be the most extravagant but his happiness is magnificent. Not a care In the world and his mind is at peace, you see he’s pretty wealthy and his peace of mind isn’t melting. Are you smelling what I’m telling? Is success more about the size of your wallet or the size of your solace?

I want to stack Mmm’s on top of Mmm’s in my wallets of solace. To the point where my deposits are busting out of the closet. For everyone to see that success isn’t always about money. If money makes you happy by all means go after it. Just factor in what comes with it, this is just my opinion.

© 2021

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