Cleaning House

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Our homes are always the worst to collect dirt. Clean that up first before you clean a house on this earth. Is that a hard concept to understand? The modern man and woman is Sherlock Holmes 🕵🏻 on foreign land. But for some reason is blind to the dirt rotting in their own hands………smh damn.

If we were our own cleaning service the world would be a much better place. Our own houses would be clean at a much cheaper rate. Cleaning other people’s houses means you may have to pay…..somebody else to clean yours there’s only 24hrs in a day. But I forgot your house doesn’t need to be cleaned because it’s so “pristine.” So you offer your services to those you believe are in need.

Don’t get me wrong we could all use some outside cleaning. Sometimes it takes others to see the dirt we’re not capable of seeing. But there’s nothing worse than someone white gloving your residence while their house is decadent. They see your dirt from across the street but can’t see the dirt under their own sink.

I have no issue with others offering to clean my home. As long as they’re willing to clean their own. Don’t come into my living room if your house doesn’t even have a broom. I’ll put their broom to use if needed and this is no intrusion. I understand the foregone conclusion about outsiders living in their delusion. They’ll say their house is dirt free and doesn’t need a touch of bleach. Yeah right because the rats and roaches I see would disagree.

My house is not the cleanest. I have no problem when others offer to clean it. I welcome that, this is a fact as long as they don’t demean it. I want my ascension to be seamless. The best version of me I need to achieve it. So after a person visits my home they’ll ask others “have you seen it?” It’s immaculate and its extravagance captivates the human race. This is what I’m running towards, I won’t give up the chase.

We all have to take a pause and acknowledge our own flaws. Vacuum clean them off the carpet. Enabling the sharpest product to market ourselves to the market. Again our homes are the worst to collect dirt. Do the earth a huge favor and clean it up first.

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