The Tattoos I Never Had

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I never was really into tattoos, body art just isn’t my thing. I’m all about the art that takes place behind the scenes. If I did have tattoos they would epitomize who I am. So I’ll illustrate with my words about the tattoos I don’t have.

A chess board would signify how my way of thinking is exemplified. Careful thoughts precede my decisions so my envisions are simplified. Strategically moving the pieces looking for the best move. My groove may be disturbed as life will throw us balls that curve. Got to stay focused through it all to get base hits when my number is called.

A snake would represent my quiet persona. Perfectly fine by myself, I need no help to be a loner. Unbothered bothering nobody, so not sorry about this odyssey. I value my tranquillity, disrupt it and I might strike. So don’t strive to meet my teeth or you’ll see plight of my bite.

A scroll would indicate how my life story is told. With key words that vindicate how my activities unfold. Morals values and ethics, these words are highly respected. Principles, character, and integrity. These words don’t need to be said to me. I possess them all as they’re key ingredients of my recipe. This destiny is what I’m designed for, rooted deep within my pedigree.

I’m different so a sore thumb would fit the description. I’d just rather not stand out though but I accept that comes with the depiction. All facts no fiction my differences come with intentions. To not be part of any crowds, especially ones walking around on “shallow” ground.

Speaking of all facts no fiction I do less talking and more listenin.  A tattoo of two ears covering one mouth is worth mention in this instant. I try to keep my distance from those that talk and start sprintin. They run off at the mouth but I just tend to tune them out. They could be giving me some good game but took too long to “point” out their aim. I don’t talk much but when I do I get right to the point……mane.

Even though I don’t have tattoos I display ink the way I choose. I’m often misconstrued…..and I have nothing to prove. To anyone at anytime, I don’t need to say it many times. Comfortable in my own skin this is more than just a rhyme.

© 2022

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  1. Good piece very nice


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