I Ain’t Got It

View this video for insight on why I wrote this particular piece.

**Audio is not provided for this piece because of the way it’s written.**

This piece is dedicated
To those that ask me for money
It’s meant to be predicated
That I don’t have $5 on me

Nor do I have it in my savings
So I can’t satisfy your cravings
To eat up money that I earned
You comprehende’ what I’m saying

The loan agencies can help you
But you gotta have good credit
Oh your credit not so good huh
Better pray then, yeah I said it

I don’t feel like tracking you down
My name ain’t Inspector Gadget
Just know if not for my history
I probably would’ve had it

My history of disappointment
By believing people would pay me back
“Imma pay you back your money”
“When I get my income tax”🙄🙄

I guess tax season was postponed
To a date to be disclosed later
Bcuz I still haven’t got that $100
I guess I’ll see my money “alligator”🐊

It was an emergency when they needed it
And I was the abulance🚑🏥
But as soon as they received it
Couldn’t see them with a magnifying glass🔍🔎

Gotta put out an APB
Make a call to the police station
How you say you don’t got my money
But you on a flight taking a vacation

You forgot how much you owe me
Maybe I suppose to feel sorrow
You know what the funny thing is tho?
You didn’t forget how much to borrow 

If people ask to borrow again
Just know I’ll be short on cash
They won’t be able to see me
With their magnifying glass 

Bcuz I’ll be ducking and dodging too


© 2021

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