Make Your Bed

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**Audio is not provided for this piece because of the way it’s written.**

I’m starting to jot down some notes
On all these people who walk around broke
Not broke as far as money goes
But broke in life and obvious mental woes

But how do they end up there🤔
Just chilling in the depths of despair
Ask them and they say bad luck
My response to that is what the fuck

As is wtf do you mean
That you were dealt a bad deck of cards🃏
Both of your parents were right there in the yard
You just didn’t listen to’em, head too hard

They tried to tell you to just be a kid
So you wouldn’t endure the things they did
But you knew it all and wanted to grow big
Without paying bills huh what a priv-lidge

You were influenced more by your friends
The same ones without a pot to piss in
28-0 peer pressure wins again
Now all of you gonna fail in the end

Some let years pass by before they move
Thinking they got infinite amounts of time⏳️🕙⏰️
Like the saying goes “you snooze you lose”😪😴
Playing ketchup bcuz they fell beHeinz

These decisions weigh heavily on their minds
To the point where they may commit some crimes
Or do something that’s alot worse
You fill in the blanks…………….. s*_ci*_

Everything starts with a mentality
The mind is powerful it shapes your reality
Use it right and increase your salary
Use it wrong and set your sights on tragedy

Tragically you didn’t devise the proper strategy
Early on in life now you’re looking for a canopy
To place your bed under so don’t be mad at me
You failed to prepare how’s it look down there?

Those that prepared are soaring in the air✈️🛫
On cloud nine they don’t even have a care
In this world and sleeping like a bear
In their own bed nothing else needs to be said

How comfortable is your bed?

© 2021

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