The Pit Bulls Of Society

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**Audio is not provided for this piece because of the way it’s written.**

I just need to ask one question
Why do people misunderstand pit bulls
All they need is a little affection
And the perception of them would be good

No one considers the environment they’re in
If people did they would understand
Pit bulls grow up STARVING for a-ten-chin
But nobody ever extends a hand

A hand to help them escape
They grow up in the worst conditions
Having to survive without food on their plate
But the masses spread the narrative of hate

“They’re so violent, they need to be tamed”
“Throw them in a cage so they’ll be contained”
“Around them we don’t feel safe”
As they clutch their purse and reach for the mace

There is such a negative perception
About these “animals” out in the streets
Over crowding facilities of “correction”
While other dogs are FREE to roam and eat

Other dogs attack people too
With little consequence, it’s really sad
They even kill pit bulls it’s true
Their conditions aren’t nearly as bad

People ask “what did the pit bull do?”
To facilitate its own demise
Not enough to warrant what ensued
When will other dogs open their eyes

Maybe the other dogs are just blind
And don’t want to get corrective surgery
They’d rather believe the lies in their minds
Court of public opinion they’re guilty of perjury

They carry on without a sense of urgency
To empathize with what’s going “own”
Thinking empathy will cost them currency
While losing their position on the throne

Pit bulls need better environments
Growing up impoverished and we’re tired of it
Some can’t escape from the heat and smoke
Left to burn with no help from the firemen

Never reaching our potential to a healthy retirement
While other dogs retire in style
Never having to walk a shoe in our mile
But won’t hesitate to send us to trial

For acts influenced by our conditions
And they ask why do we hold a grudge
Hold on now wait one minute
I gave you the facts so you be the judge

© 2021

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