The Contrast That Is Me

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**Audio is not provided for this piece because of the way it’s written.**

I’m just wired differently than most
Things that move others won’t float my boat
I march to the beat of a different drum
I’ll enlighten you with beams from my sun

Some people crave attention from others
Makes them feel important with reality distorted
Insecurity is prevalent so really they’re irrelevant
You keep your attention while I sit back and mention

That I’ll much rather fly under the radar
To avoid detection from those who baywatch
Don’t watch me, go and watch your t.v.
Nothing to see here and nothing to hear

We have those who seek recognition
“Look what I did clap for me bitches”
Just over there wallowing in their attention
Since that’s the case what’s really their intention?

I don’t need anybody’s recognition
Especially for things that I barely even mention
The army for instance where I strived to be distant
From its practices of acting so senseless

Most people succumb to the pressures of peer
Allowing others control of the car they steer🚘🚗
Spineless and mindless, paralysis of the ear
Refusing to listen🚫👂🏾 to their own intuition

Peers never got control of my wheel
Cellus drives this car 🚘 because I pay the bill💲💵
They rode shotgun, sat there and chilled🥶🧊
Or found another car to go break in and steal

We have those who are engulfed in tradition
The way it always was done is key to their ignition
And won’t budge to consider another position
Never listening to other’s intuition or opinions

I’m the type to ask 100 questions🤔🤔
“Is there a better way” is what I be guessin🧐
I do things my way, I pass my own test-n📝
Keep studying, onto the next lesson👨🏾‍🏫👨🏾‍🎓

There are those who are constantly competing
Against people they don’t even know
All while their bank account is fleeting
Because Mr. Jones bought himself a condo

I never met Mr. Jones, not in a rush to do so
Never seen his car but one thing I do know
Is he’s competing with Mr. Bruce though
I compete with no one, except my new clothes🤔

Some people were born to follow s**t💩
A new trend shows up and they swallow it
Then comes the day when they lose the tolerance
When the next trend shows up they’ll gobble it

I’m good over here Ms, I don’t want your cobbler it’s
Not my taste too many people done swallowed it🤮
I’m not hungry anyway, my mind ain’t hollow it’s
Dense with some sense and no you can’t borrow it

Social media likes give most people life
Feeling themselves on cloud nine with the kites
But of reality they will not take a bite
And admit life’s not shining so bright

I really don’t care too much about likes
I’m still on cloud nine watching other kites
Difference is I don’t need likes to take flight
I got there with wings that I’ve grown in this life

At the end of the day I’m built different
From outside of a box that very few are sniffin👃🏾
Translation: you can’t even smell my chicken🍗
But trust I eat good, my fingers I’m lickin😋

© 2021

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