Ms. Perfect

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**Audio is not provided for this piece because of the way it’s written.**

***Side note: Ms. Perfect is a mindset and not an actual person. Please keep this in mind as you’re reading this piece.***

Ms Perfect hey Ms Perfect👋🏾👋🏾
You’re so perfect you can do no wrong
Being accountable don’t align with your morals
So you deflect and tells us to go home🏠

Go home as in leave you alone
Your wrongdoing you refuse to own
Don’t wanna tarnish your perfect image
From your glass house you still throw stones

Admitting guilt you don’t have that bone
Within your body, a skill that was honed
Throughout the course of our humanity
Please lock the doors of this insanity

Apologizing will not kill you
Apologizing will only build you
Into a woman of character and maturity
Your “apologies” are soaked in obscurity

And that’s even if you apologize at all
You’d rather beat your head against a wall
Maybe that will cause you to wake up
Too little too late to re-apply your make up

Because now the truth is revealed
I’ll admit you’re cunning and very skilled
The only skill that you haven’t mastered
Is saying “I’m sorry for hurting you Jamil”

Instead you run for the hills

Without giving a damn about how Jamil feels
Your cardio mimics that of track and field
Endless marathons, you got some nice wheels🚗

Who raised you to be this way
To say the least I’m highly dismayed
Women like you make me wanna throw up🤮
When will yall ditch your pride and grow up

Being accountable is what ADULTS do
But being an adult disagrees with you
Or you disagree with being an adult
I’m starting to think women like you have a cult

A cult of unaccountable little girls
Whom you train to behave in this world
As if things are never their fault
Saying “it wasn’t me” when redhanded caught

This childish shit here needs to stop
Wishful thinking but I’m sure it won’t
You deflect all the time “tick tock”🕙🕖🕕
It’s programmed within, you must be a robot🤖

I need some water to douse you with
To kill these components within your mind
And short circuit your lack of morality
Death to Ms perfect, Scorpion wins 💀🔥 fatality

© 2021

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