People > Family

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**Audio is not provided for this piece because of the way it’s written.**

Yeah I know how the saying goes
Blood is thicker than water
But what they forgot to echo
Was how family can create a martyr

They’ll dunk you in that water
But I’m not talking about baptism
Some will prepare you for the slaughter
People won’t even know what hit’em

They operate under the cover of love
“We’re family, I’ll never do you wrong”
Call them out, all they do is shrug
And keep singing you that same song

Look out for YOUR best interests please
Some don’t deserve your good energy
Bcuz as soon as they get what they need
You will become a distant memory

Until they need you again
“Oh look my amnesia’s all gone”
“I need $200 my kin”
“Remember we family, I won’t do you wrong”

When family commits a crime
It’s “free my cousin, they didn’t do it”
But if it were anybody else
You say “throw them in jail, get used to it”

Family should never get special treatment
When they are bad people doing bad deeds
Deceiving so much that we feel cheated
And can’t understand why we’re so heated

“Family” is bound to leave us defeated
Reasons why we should control alt and delete’em
Out of our lives to make room for people
That are genuine, this is only my opinion

Judge people for the morals they possess
Whether they’re related or of a different flesh
Ensure they can pass your test
Of being good people, accept nothing less

© 2021

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