Save My Space

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Audio provided for your listening to get an idea of how it flows while reading.

For my fellow introverts

Can you please save me some space.
Only those with a similar mind state can relate.
Sometimes I want to vacay into outer space far away to get a taste of loneliness.
My homeliness resides in the company of myself. This is where I find most of my comfort and my comfort comes first.
People all up in my space is the worst.
Unless they’re offering a form of compensation.
Compensation in the form of relations or the inflation of my funds.
Other than that stray away from the reach of my thumbs for extended periods of time because…..the space bar is my reset button and space from afar is my distant cousin.
And my brother, my sister, my mother and father.
Related by blood that’s thicker than water so most times I’d rather just not be bothered.

My bubble is subtle, get too close to it there might be trouble.
The space in my bubble serves as a buffer like no other, it’s my stocking stuffer.
Providing the “presence” that I need so I don’t have to suffer.
Suffering from others who wish to start trouble so I preserve my space while keeping them out of my face.
Don’t get me wrong as people in my space sometimes is ok.
Only the right people though and in only a small dose.
Once they overstay their welcome I have no choice but to tell’em….that their services are no longer needed in the community, in some cases I’ll grant immunity, or impunity as long as their lunacy remains restrained.

For those that remain insane I gotta know why you choose to be so close?
Why do we have to tell you to go disappear and get ghost?
We mean no harm when we say this we just need you to face it.
Face the fact that we need spaces in order to maintain our good graces.
Once you intrude you disrupt our mood, from there resentment may exude.
I hope you can read this and you’re not illiterate because it’s best that you be considerate….just a little bit.
Nah a lotta bit and we demand a lot of it.
Too much of your space in our face isn’t good, so do us favor and see your way out of it.

Go that way 👉🏾

to facilitate your escape out of our space. 

Space is nice, it’s a key to life. I hope this piece made you see the light. If not see an eye doctor, have them test your eyesight. Space is essential for clearing out our mental so please provide it with no surprises👌🏾.

© 2022

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